Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i remember when our voices used to sound the same.

Tolerance is not a word in my vocabulary.
And no one can accuse me of being too sensitive anymore.
And I think I'm sticking up for people a lot more.
In general I think I'm becoming a better person. You might not believe it or see it, but I am.
I'm obviously still immature, but that's mainly because I don't like people when they mess with people I once pretended to care about, and I feel that they should have their name tags stolen. But I didn't say I was perfect, I said I was getting better and we all can't grow up over night.

Oh, so last night I wasn't supposed to be ringing but I was standing at a register and this LARGE black woman with a mustache to rival President Taft (actually if he was about 30 shades darker, you might not have been able to tell the difference) walked up to me with her boobs hanging out of her way too tight see-through pink cami. She questioned if I was open. I was if I wanted to save my life. She then proceeds to inform me that I can order stuff for her online and she can pay for it in cash in the store and have it sent to her house. I informed her that we couldn't do it. She didn't believe me. My manager who was walking by informed her that you couldn't do it. She still didn't believe me. OMG LANE BRYANT CAN DO THIS. YOU CAN DO IT. No, ma'am, we can't. Let me call up yet another manager who will tell you the same thing. Oh, so I called the online store and they told me that there was no 3X jacket (which is what she wanted). Apparently jackets go up to a size 30. The whole time I was so confused cause the highest size is a 2X. The whole interaction was confusing. Once I called the online store and told her they didn't have the jacket she wanted, she calmed down. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE TO TELL YOU? HOW MANY??

But other than my life being threatened, I was extremely disappointed with certain people at work.

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