Friday, November 5, 2010

i want to tell you there's a really good reason why i came down easy, spinning threads to a throne.

So I have decided to not talk about people, but before I turn that new leaf, I really can't stand some people. A few examples are:

A: People who delete you off Facebook. I know I wrote about this in another blog, but honestly. Roommate A moved out and all of the bills were in her name still so Roommate B said that she would cancel the cable. Roommate B never canceled the cable so Roommate A gets a letter saying that she owes 83 dollars (I'm not really sure what was going on). Then Roommate C (that's me) pays Roommate A her 3rd of the bill. What gets me annoyed is that Roommate B deletes both Roommate's A and C from Facebook and in turn all forms of communication because this is 2010 and that's the most common way. So R. A is I guess stuck paying for R B's third of the bill. Moral of the story is that I didn't do anything. You are either a bitch or a tool and no one likes either one of you who deleted me off Facebook. What a childish move, dang.

B: People who talk about others behind their backs. And, yes, I do this all the time. I admit I am a hypocrite. But it's so bad at work. Everyone is so quick to call each other "stupid" that they don't think about how their complaining reflects on them. This mainly annoys me about my managers. They ALWAYS talk about each other and all of their employees. And NOT to each other, but to us, the minimum wage cashier type people. I think that is so bad. Does anyone else? I don't want to hear my store manager complain about my ops manager. Go home to your husband and complain. The sales floor is not the time and place to be backstabbing your colleagues. And lately, there is one person who everyone is complaining about, but I think he is ok. Ok, I think he is the funniest person in the world, but no one else does, so I always stick up for him. It makes me feel like such a better person, more like Jesus. It almost makes me want to not hide this bitch's name tag(because she's not a good person)...but not really. I am not Jesus. I can only save one person at a time.

C: Sluts from Forever 21 who tell me I'm taking too long with the garbage. This might sound weird, but there is one thing that I love to do at work and that is take out the garbage. You have to pile it up on these bakers racks and roll them down a really long, scary hallway and go down this shady elevator with things written on the door like a rooster with the word "rub" next to it (I didn't get this for like 3 months, but this 17 year old boy explained it to me). Finally you make it out to the dumpster where you have to put all of your trash in this section of the dumpster and compact it. But you have to compact each round like 3 times because no one EVER empties the dumpster so it's always full. Anyway, I'm standing there alone because my manger who never did trash before didn't realize it took so long left me there and sent this girl Megan down to help me. But at this point I was alone. So this bitch rolls up in some fancy outfit with tights and boots and a sweater while I have jeans and a sweatshirt on and greasy hair. These girls don't like to break down boxes, keep in mind, and this always messes up the compacter. So she has this whole dolly full of boxes and bags and I was there first, so I'm going to finish compacting my trash in peace, please go and come back in 10 minutes. But she stands there and as I'm going to get more trash from my cart, this girl puts her trash in the dumpster. I guess this doesn't really sound so horrifying as I type it out, but at the time I thought it was the rudest gesture ever. So she keeps doing this because Lord knows I'd never say anything. Finally Megan gets there and she doesn't say anything but we basically block this girl from being able to put her trash in the dumpster. Some other hoe comes out of nowhere and is like "do you think you could put more trash in there so you can hurry up". I was like "it doesn't compact when you fill it to the top", girl- "yes it does, this is taking too long and we do it all the time", Megan- "that's why the compacter never works" (the best part about this is Megan was saying this as a bakers rack is falling off the curb of the sidewalk and all of our trash flies all over the parking lot). But then we just were like, "whatever, bitches" and we threw all of our trash in the compacter and left. So, I hate them now.

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