Monday, November 22, 2010

in the back of the car, on the way to your home, in the pouring rain, on the side of the road. in the light of the seat, in the recline of the seat,

You told me to move on.

So, for the 30 day challenge, I am on day

Day 11- What's in your makeup bag?

There is actually quite a lot in my make up bag. But here are some of the things that I use every day because I'm sure you'd love to know how someone with horrible skin attempts to cover it up:

I honestly think this is making my lashes thicker and darker. Thank you, Revlon for sticking to your promises. I don't know if I'll ever use anything again. Starting early on my wrinkles. But really, this primer feels really good, makes my skin really smooth and it doesn't clog my pores or anything. And I think I really found a primer that helps my makeup stay on for 25 minutes instead of 3.

Yeah, I'm basically obsessed with blush. I probably shouldn't be, but I think it just makes everything look so much better. And yes, I use this cheap brand, but I like the color. It's not this color, but it's a nice color.

And also, I wear Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid make up, but I was too lazy to re-upload a picture cause I accidentally deleted it. But there you go, along with about 304985 things that I don't use, that's what's basically in my makeup bag.

I decided that 9:10 was a good time to go to bed tonight (it's now 11:13 so you can see how well that worked out) when I was thinking about how stupid people are. I think about this a lot, not like I have much room to talk, and I texted Jamie "You know what bothers me? When someone im's you and says "who is this?" Because, honestly, you know perfectly well who it is. I should be the one creeped out about how you found my screen name, but I'm just going to say "kristen" and then you can keep the conversation going from there and try not to sound like you stalked me. So instead of texting me back like a normal person, Jamie called me and we had a long conversation and I let out some work steam (as well as obsessing over Porky). Well, I honestly had no idea that Jammy E has been a blogging machine. She's doing the 30 day challenge too, so go read her posts! I spent the last 20 minutes on the phone with her telling her about all of the horrible things that Ketchup Hair and High School Ho (people from work) do and I showed her pictures (maybe I'll just give you these nicknames and when I want to tell stories, I'll use their names). I think if anyone would ever some how stumble upon this blog, they would know exactly who Ketchup Hair is so I might need to think up a new nickname.

I also downloaded the new(est) 3OH!3 cd, Streets of Gold and yes, it's bad, and yes, I love it. A lot of the rappier songs suck so badly I can't listen to them, but the sing-y songs I really get into like "R.I.P" I think it's my favorite, as I tried to put my entire favorite verse as the blog title, but it didn't work. I'm assuming that you get the idea. There are a lot of good lyrics when you're reminising about people you hate or once hated.

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