Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"in her heart, she expected the worst."

If you were 14 walking through a junkyard at 1 in the morning and you dropped your phone in a hole, why would you attempt to get it out? Furthermore, how do you fall in a hole? Also, why does PCNC feel the need to report this story every ten minutes. The little girl was ok, by the way.

Update: after watching the entire story, I feel sort of bad. How in the world did anyone find her, you ask? Someone heard her screams. When asked how she felt when she was rescued, she responded "hyper and happy". She is an optimistic little chubby one. Her father, when interviewed, was worried not much about his daughter's safety, but more about the sex offenders that are spread out around Sharpsburg. He was "trippin' cause there are child molesters in this area."

Update # 2: The girl who fell in the hole has still not recovered her cell phone.

During the news, there was a commercial for Cami Secret...I thought it was a little risque for day time T.V.

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