Saturday, November 27, 2010

my heart sinks to my knees.

You know love at first sight? And then you know love at like 100th sight? Never gets old. And no, I'm not talking about Ron Weasley, though I did see Harry Potter at AMC. It's more of a surprise, like you forgot about it completely, and then it gets thrown in your face in a dark theater. I thought I'd just share that with you for a second because we all know about me making my life overly dramatic. I'm not even affected, though, so don't get excited, I'm just saying. I like to state things that don't matter.

Like the most obnoxious song that I used to love:

Ironic, how I used to be obsessed with this song, then I forgot about it and now I hear it EVERYWHERE. Does it bother anyone else? I'm all for Vampire Weekend, but I can't take this song playing on EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL . The Tommy Hilfiger one and some car commercial. It's just getting really annoying. Please tell me someone else gets annoyed when you hear the same song every TV/radio break.

Last night we went to Light Up Night Leonardtown style...Some pictures, you'd like? (wow, sometimes I get don't think at all before I type a sentence and then I don't feel like deleting it and adding some more words, so I make it sound like Yoda) Okay, well next time I blog I'll put them up. They're up on my website though, have a good time.

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