Sunday, November 14, 2010

pirate skulls and bones.

Day 3Your idea of the perfect first date.

I'm really not sure what my perfect first date would be but I know that it will not involve any of the following:
bringing me to a party with your friends
going to a club
taking me to a free movie
going to a bar
staying over
walking around the mall
going to a movie
going to dinner
going to a concert

I think if I had to chose, however, it would be what I do with either Mike and or Adriana. That is going to eat at Panera and then walking around Barnes and Noble. There you go. I'm an extremely easy person to please. If you want brownie points, you can buy me a book.

Oh and to go along with my 30 day blog challenge, I'm doing a 30 day no sugar challenge and EVERYONE should join me. It's sort of hard, but you know. Today is day 3 of not eating dessert, candy or anything with extremely large amounts of sugar in it.

And I decided I'm going to give you a picture a day because who doesn't love to know what I wore to work...I wore this yesterday. I wore a plaid shirt tucked in to my jeans today and keds. But that's not too exciting. I just love this skirt I bought.

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