Monday, November 1, 2010

we are far too young and clever.

And to break out of this mood, I will tell you about the amazing thing that Alex and I did yesterday. Here is a little back story:
During the summer, every night at 6 we would have dinner (Alex, Ube, Uge, Grandma, me and sometimes my cousin Andrew) and every time that someone drove up or down the street we would all give them the wave. No one really waved, so after a while it just became a big joke and basically automatic when someone drives by you wave. So, yesterday being Halloween, Alex and I decided to get a little creative... And we started by carving a pumpkin of a hand waving. Somehow we then got the idea to MAKE SCARECROWS OF EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY. How funny is this?
Ok, so in no particular order (because Blogger is pissing me off and I'm too lazy to move around the photos) here is the hilarious day I had yesterday
The pumpkin was the catalyst to the amazingness, fyi.

I'm totally ruining the surprise with these. But of our scarecrows, this is mine.

Alex with hers.

then we did a photoshoot cause we were bored.

this is the hilarious pumpkin. this is the view of everyone from the street.

and me being awkward with the pumpkin.

the beginning stages of the carving.
and the disco ball that is my face with our amazing pumpkin.

One thing that really ticks me off is when people delete you from Facebook. What is worse is when it's your ex-roommate and they need to give you money. It also sucks when certain people are so immature they delete you, but that's another story entirely. Honestly though. What goes through people's heads. Ok, YOU were a bitch too. It's not like we singled you out. And there could always be the possibility that she put her profile on super private or something like that, but wouldn't I still be able to find her if I was friends with her? I'm not super Facebook savvy so I really don't know.

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