Monday, December 13, 2010

the breakfast of the champions is a headonistic hell

Today I was thinking about whether or not people can tell if I'm being sarcastic. I think that often times they cannot. I said something yesterday and my manager said "oh, you were being sarcastic, weren't you". For the first time in a while, I wasn't being sarcastic at all. Not one bit. So this brings me to the idea that I'm never being sarcastic. That is just my outlook on life. Maybe I'm really not good at sarcasm. I always thought I was able to create a line between sarcasm and being serious. I was wrong. Does anyone think I'm being sarcastic or do you always think that I'm telling the truth? I think I'm always being sarcastic. But for some reason on Sunday I was in a very, very good mood despite the fact that I worked until 12 the night before and I had to get up for church at 8.

I looked up sarcasm on harsh or bitter derision or irony. Being mostly illiterate, I have no idea what "derision" means so I looked that up as well: ridicule; mockery

Oh, ok. So am I being sarcastic when someone asks if I want to refold the denim wall and I obviously don't so I'll say "oh, yeah I'd love to". Well, that's what I used to say now I just say "no, not really" and they let me do something else.

Other than that revelation, I'm extremely bored. Please give me something to do. I've honestly been either watching TV or staring at the computer or both since 10 this morning. I think I need help and if it's not a blizzard tomorrow, I'm definitely going shopping...most likely for myself and not for everyone's Christmas presents.

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