Saturday, December 11, 2010

come on. come on, don't leave me like this.

I gave blood for the first time ever today. Unfortunately, I don't have any fun stories like I threw up or I passed out or they couldn't find my vein. But obviously I'm going to tell you about the experience anyway.
We get there, the woman thinks my name is Kirsten, then she realizes it's not and tries to blame the registry for getting it wrong. Then I get all registered up and I have my interview. My iron is good, my blood pressure is excellent and I was 98.6. I guess I was a good candidate. So I'm not as nervous as I thought I was going to be and I walk back into the room of chairs and I sit down and my nurse is wearing neon green pants. She starts tapping my arm and then she gets me a pillow to put under my arm. More tapping. Then she gets me some rolled up paper towel and puts that in my hand. More tapping. Finally she gets a stack cushy paper towels and puts them under my elbow and then she taps some more and rubs a massive amount of iodine on my arm. When I say massive, I mean she used two cotton swabs. I don't know how much you're supposed to get, but I am not getting infected today.
Is that the normal amount? My uncle was laughing at it. Then the needle went in and it didn't hurt at all despite of how large I was told the needle was. I didn't look or watch at all. Then there I sat with a needle and some tubes coming out of my arm. I just like to sit in silence when I'm losing millions of red blood cells, but everyone else likes to talk. It was basically a party in this basement of Central Bloodbank. Everyone was chattin' it up except me, who again, was mute. So I guess cause I wasn't talking, they assumed that I was about to pass out. I'd say I was asked on average about 3 times a minute if I was okay. I don't know if they figured that I would be sociable because my uncle was in the next chair losing his red blood cells at a faster rate than me talking the morning away. But they were nice about it.
My nurse got me some of the most disgusting orange juice I have ever consumed and I had some pretzels when it was all over. Then when we were sitting there I got asked about 6 more times if I was okay. I must have looked like I was about to cry, which is usually the case, I just can't help it.

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  1. well at least one of us had a positive experience giving blood haha good job