Saturday, December 18, 2010

the dog days are over.

Okay, they're not. And I'm not honestly sure what a "dog day" is, but I'm assuming it's not a fun day. I have to work from 12 tonight to 7 tomorrow morning...yeah.
I can't say no. But I'm putting my foot down and I'm not going to say yes when anyone asks me anymore. I was talking to my one manager and she was telling me how my other manager was trying to get people to do an overnight with him but no one would, so she said "Kristen will do it". I was so mad.

Okay. I'm not thinking this, Jamie, I don't really know how to describe it. But I ALWAYS ALWAYS say yes when they ask me to work. But I'm not going to anymore. everyone else there are stupid bitches and they always say no when they don't have an excuse.

I'll tell you about my exciting past two mornings.
Okay, Friday morning: I am on time (like I usually am) it's about 5:52 (I worked at 6) and I'm about to pull on to McKnight (where the mall is) when I see all of these cops with flashing lights and I can't get on McKnight. So I turn around and go about ten minutes out of my way to get to the other entrance of the mall that I know of. I get back on McKnight but on the other side of the mall, right across from Northway. Anyway, there are MORE cops, more flashing lights and barricades. So I roll down my window and I hear the girl in the car in front of me talking to a cop and she said that she worked at the mall and he let her through. So I said the same thing and there are about 3 lights before you get to the mall, and at every single light I had to plead with the cop to let me through. I roll up in the mall at 6:10 and I'm the only one there but ten seconds later my manager shows up. We have no idea what's happening until about 7:30 when my other manager calls and tells us that there is a water main break on McKnight and the mall is closed. Oh, and we're not supposed to leave the mall. So I was trapped in the mall. I wish this story was funnier or more exciting, but they got everything fixed by 10 and the mall was open at 1030, unfortunately. I was so hoping that I would finish putting up signs and then leave. I stayed til three. It was annoying. Oh I forgot the best part. For about two hours there were helicopters flying around outside. My manager is an asshole and didn't really tell me what was going on so I was convinced that we were going to die after I picked up the phone and my other manager called and yelled at me cause we weren't supposed to be in the mall. I was a good time that morning, let me tell you. When my life is on the line, I don't kid around.

And so this morning I woke up and looked at my phone and it was wouldn't turn back on so I went to the bathroom and walked around the house and I was thinking in my head that it was 430 in the morning. Nope, it was 7 when I turned on my phone. Oh, I was supposed to work at 7. So I called and I talked to my manger and I was like " I supposed to work at 7?" and she said "Yepppp you are". And I told her that I'll be late cause I just woke up. She was cool about it cause no one cares about anything there except signing customers up for store credit cards.

And that's my life. I guess I have to go to church at 4 so I don't have to go after I get back from work at 7 am.

So just throwin' a congrats out to you, gurl!
but really, I hope you had a fun day.

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  1. ahahahah thanks GURL! it's about time huh! lol