Saturday, December 4, 2010

don't call me a lolita.

I'm sort of in one of those extremely rare moods where I just want someone to hug me for about three hours minimum. I really have no idea why. Among the 980983483 things that I'm pissed about, I'm mad that I have to work at 6 AM tomorrow. Since I've been working at 5 a lot these past weeks, I'm not mad about the time part, I'm mad that I DON'T have availability for Sunday morning until 10. I also don't have availability until 1 PM on Thursday (for no reason really, I just didn't change it), yet I'm working at 5 AM again. AND I only work 5 days this week, and that clearly needs to change. I was going to go to confession today but I guess that will be pointless because I will be missing church tomorrow cause of work. And my grandma washed my jeans so they're probably not going to fit since I ate about 308,098 calories yesterday.

I'm not really mad about the fact that my sorority is in shambles, it's just mostly embarrassing. But yesterday I was shopping with two girls in my sorority and in a strange coincidence, we ran into another girl and then about three seconds later, two more girls walked in and we all stood in the entrance of Forever 21 for about 30 minutes talking about how much the sorority sucks. I'm not going to take credit for making the sorority better, but it definitely got at least 50 times better since the class before mine and my pledge class were initiated. And then somehow in less than a year they lost everything that we worked for. It's just depressing and I don't know how anyone is dealing with it. All of the quitters in that chapter, though, clearly no one is "dealing with it". I used to be the biggest quitter in the world, but now I can't stand them.

I wish all of the unwelcome people popping up in my life this week would just go away. I'm too nice to say anything, so you're just getting ignored, FYI. I have to go to work today to deal with more unwanted people, but they're not popping up. High School Slut, you better not annoy me is all I'm saying. I'm too tired to deal with anyone that I don't want to deal with. And I don't feel like getting dressed. All I have to do is attempt to squeeze into those jeans, but who wants to do that? I need to switch my schedule so I don't work on weekends because of course I get to miss the tree cutting with my family. They're going full-out Christmas Vacation this year and going to a tree farm to cut down their own tree. You know what I'll be doing...what I'm always doing. I think I might be going to Sephora and getting 15 dollars off my entire purchase. But probably not because I don't see myself moving from this recliner until absolutely necessary.

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  1. you have to spend at least 40 to get the 15 dollars off. ugh!