Tuesday, December 7, 2010

homewrecker with a heart of gold.

I feel extremely devastated right now, but since I don't want to go into it, I'll just tell you a little about my week.

I've never really known a person to view reading as a bad thing. At work this boy and I were talking about Chelsea Handler (I'm going to assume he's gay...) and I was giving him my opinions on her books. So this girl was saying something and then goes "oh that's right, I forgot you read" and yes, the "read" was italicized by the influx of her voice. Like she thought it was something bad.

Then my manager thought that I was lying when I said that I don't have availability on Sunday mornings so I can go to church. I was scheduled for Sunday morning and got pissed of and said that I needed to leave early and I got the "are you lying to me" speech/face. No, why would I lie about going to church? I've done it once before but I realize it's not a good thing.

I realize that this song is old, but we play it at work and I love it. So much.

And one more thing before I go. I've noticed that I've been sticking up for people lately. I think it stems from the time that I was at lunch with a bunch of people I wasn't friends with Jr. year because I had no friends and no one to eat lunch with so I sat with these random people who I knew sort of. Anyway, Liz/Beth/Lizzy Torkelson whatever her name was, but you know who I'm talking about was found to be annoying by 98% of the LHS class of 2006 population. I didn't really hate her and neither did this girl Polykate (yes, that was her name) but Polykate was nice and she wasn't rude to Liz/Beth/Lizzy. I wasn't mean to Liz/Beth/Lizzy because I was a mute during high school so I really didn't talk to her all that much, let alone anyone with a pulse. She did butt into the conversations that everyone else was having, though, as I sat and watched the random boys at the end of the table play Bloody Knuckles day after day (ok, so to keep you from thinking that I was a little less lame than this story is making me out to be, I talked to Polykate most of the time and sometimes I would get in on the other conversations). My point was....oh yeah, in order to keep their rudeness a secret, I won't reveal the names of the bitches that sat at my table. One was Asian, one was black and one was white. I sat at an extremely multicultural table. Polykate didn't get the internet, and she couldn't drive. gasp, I know. Anyway, Liz/Beth/Lizzy was extremely un-liked at this particular lunch table and everyone would say things like "shut up Lizzy" "no one likes you, Beth" and yet she continued to sit there. I think at that point I would eat my lunch in the bathroom or do what I did when I was in 2nd grade right after I moved and eat in the nurses office every day. But Lizzie was tough. She was not giving up. One day the teasing got really bad and Liz/Beth/Lizzie started crying hysterically when the girls repeatedly told her she couldn't sit with us (who did they think they were? Gretchen Wieners?) I think she might have muttered some witch craft under her breath so Polykate, being the nice person that she is, went over to where Liz moved to try to console her. I think I told the girls that they were rude and went over to see if Beth was okay. Lizzie did not care for my consolations even after I told her that the Mean Girls of LHS period 6 lunch were sorry and they didn't mean to say that. Liz wasn't buying it so I went back to sit down.

And, moral of the story, while I could have been a little more forceful when trying to stand up for Liz/Beth/Lizzie, I think that it taught me a lesson to stick up for the meek. Oh, I'm not Jesus, but you get the idea. And so now, later in life, when I can honestly say that I care only about 32% what people think of me, I stick up for people I like when other people are making fun of them. I bet you didn't expect that from me. I do it at work all of the time because I wouldn't want people saying bad things about me when I don't really deserve them. Okay, when you allow your adulterous, rapist, child molester of an ex-husband in your house and have him live with your young girls, then I'm going to have a problem with you. Especially when you treat me like I'm less intelligent than you.

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  1. i liked pollykate, i really did. she was sorta weird but i could deal with her. torkelson girl...i'm not gonna lie. i think i did laugh when someone gave her the rejection hotline number at lunch and told her it was her crush (stephen henderson's) number. don't make me feel worse lol