Thursday, December 2, 2010

my boring life.

So, recently, due to my extreme fatigue and need for naps mixed with my inability to nap, I have started to have these half sleep dreams. I was laying in bed but I am 100% sure that I wasn't sleeping, but I was having an extremely vivid day dream that I couldn't control. In my experience, you can control a day dream and not a sleep dream, so what was this? I looked it up and thought maybe it was a lucid dream, but that either means that you were sleeping and then you realize that you were dreaming or you are awake and then you somehow, unknowingly slip into unconsciousness. I think maybe it might have been a lucid dream because I was having a dream about Kmart and a broken bottle and I don't think that I was awake for that one. Then I rolled into this little jem of a dream:

I'm standing on a dirt road in front of a house that isn't mine, but it is mine and Jamie and Ashleigh are to the side of me in our wheat-type field. I'm going to assume that we're in St. Mary's County and if you've ever been to St. Mary's county, you can imagine what I'm describing just fine. Up the street there was a small blue house with a van in the driveway. So remember that I'm standing in the middle of the road when the van backs awkwardly out of the driveway and just sort of halts in front of me, but the driver doesn't see me, except it's my friend that we will call Clark for the purpose of this dream (because I'm fresh of a Christmas Vacation high). So for some reason he's wearing Ray Bans (which is totally out of character), but everything else is exactly the same. I know this wasn't a day dream because I went over and talked to him after he waved to me and I would never do that in real life. So while Ashleigh and Jamie look like they're picking cotton in the field next to me, Jamie notices that I'm talking to someone and she comes over and asks if he is Mark Cameron, and he is not. Then she told him that she expected him to have a better first line or something, because he was now standing on a bike (no idea where the car went) and he was wearing the Ray Bans which I guess meant that he was supposed to be cool. Then all four of us were sitting in my uncle's room up here in Pittsburgh, just laying on the floor together and it was kind of awkward. More stuff happened, but it's hard to explain. I just think the strangest thing about this dream is that everyone was exactly the way they are in real life. That's just never how my dreams are that I have when I'm sleeping. I feel like people do whatever is easiest according to what is happening in the dream.

So, someone look this up and figure out what it means...

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