Wednesday, December 22, 2010

no one ever wished for a smaller holiday gift.

Ramon sent me this website that I advise EVERYONE to go to: and just go and have a good laugh. So 99% of you don't know this but I find it extremely amusing to text like a ghetto person and you know you're close with me when I start texting you like that. Funny story about my mom. My mom actually did something funny today, I know.

I texted her this : "how about u b a gud mom and bring me dat red scarf i bought at wally world up 2 xmas"

Her response: "who rote dis"

I still can't get over how quick she was on the uptake. Does she think I have a friend? I'm not sure.

Glenn Beck is cooking? It's a legit cooking show on Fox News...

Oh man. So I think I hit an all time low with my obsession. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE STOP ME. I'm like that creepy girl who stands awkwardly around cause she's a creep. Like the one no one wants around. Oh, hey, I'll just creep you out for a little bit. I love how I complain about how creepy I find this person at work when I'm just as, if not creepier, than him. Honestly, though, all I wanted to do was finish the boys denim wall. I'm surprisingly good at folding jeans and my denim wall always looks pretty good. But I wasn't able to finish the wall. It's depressing leaving the calm, relaxing section of Boys to have to go ring. I hate ringing, if you didn't know.

Oh and on that same note, somehow, I just would like to say that I can't stand when people think that they know me better than I know myself. I'm really getting sick of people saying that I hate everything. Okay, I hate a lot of things, I can't deny that, and I always share when I hate things. Yesterday this one girl was talking about how much she hated this other girl who I also hate (and obviously when I say hate, I mostly mean dislike cause I'm a terrible person). So I got excited and I was like "oohhh me too" and then the other girl who was sitting back there said "Kristen hates everyone". Like, whoa, bitch. Shut up.

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  1. hahahahah someones picking up on your love of drinking the haterade. it's ok. drink up!