Monday, December 20, 2010

tell me right now, baby.

God, Autumn, how I miss you. You can't even believe how much I love sitting outside in the grass when it's 65 degrees taking pictures of my baby cousin. She loves it. I really need some more subjects to take sub-par pictures of.

Today I freaked out on my manager because my dad sent me this text with not so great grammar. I don't know why I even pretend that I am a Grammar Nazi. I thought that entertained was intertained for a long time. And in 2008 I was informed that surprise has two r's. You can just classify me as the biggest hypocrite on planet earth, I can take it.

And I really need to go shopping. I know, I know, I shop all the time. But I literally can't find ANYTHING in my closet. I have nothing to wear except tank tops. I need a little diversity in my life, so show me some love. Someone get really fat, buy a lot of clothes, then lose all the weight and donate your old, cute clothes to me. It would be greatly appreciated, let me tell you.

In case you were wondering, my overnight extravaganza at work went smoothly. I stayed awake and semi-alert the entire time. Also, in case you were wondering, I have no ambition. That is why I still work in retail making slightly more than minimum wage. All of my friends are getting jobs all around me and it has yet to affect me. Please, someone, knock some sense into me. I could use an adult job of some sort. I like comfort. I'm at that point in this job where I can stand around all day an not do much and not get yelled at. I don't want to lose that. I hate every minute of waking up at unheard of hours, staying later than I need to and talking to stupid customers who bitch at me because we make them pay $1.50 for gift boxes. But I wouldn't really trade it for anything else at the moment. I just look at this one girl at work who can only talk about her cats. She is 25. She lives with her parents and she has a Bachelors degree and some other certification. Why are you still working in retail? Idk you'll ask me that exact same question in two years when I am 25, still live with my grandma and haven't moved up the retail ladder and still working the cash register. But I can't have the cats because my uncle is allergic to them. Will I still be pining over loves that will never be mine? Yup. Will I still be hating this one girl because she can't let go of MY past? Yup. Will I still be talking to the associates more than the customers? Yup. And most of all, will I still be complaining to you about my life? Yes, yes I will.

Today I told this girl that people like the self-deprecating Kristen. Is this true? Would you rather have me be happy and positive or glass half empty?

Oh I get to work on Christmas Eve. Aren't you excited for all of the complaining...Oh wait, I'll be making time and a half and I honestly don't care about Christmas much unless I'm getting presents. I am selfish, I know.
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  1. yesss i loved this entry i don't know why but it was funny. and the pic was great too. teach me! can't wait til next week when we can be life haters together woooooooooo