Sunday, December 26, 2010

This is how I feel because the love of my life is miles and miles away with his stupid, ugly girlfriend. I just ate a whole bag of pretzel M&M's. Take it down a notch, Kristen, geeze. I know, someone please help me. But I don't even care right now. My stomach hurts like a champ, so I'm just going to keep eating for the hell of it.

I get to work at 5 tomorrow again and I worked at 5 this morning. I'm watching Bridal Plasty right now and it's so depressing. The whole concept is so sad. Why is your husband marrying you if you're just going to change. He obviously likes you the way you are.

Christmas was nice, maybe one day I'll share a list of everything that I bought with pictures and all of that nonsense. I did get an AMAZING point-and-shoot, though, so you'll have a lot more pictures soon. I put the pictures I took from Christmas on Shutterfly
aww, we're so cute

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  1. haaaaaaa. i like whoever that guy on the very left is. he totally makes the pic