Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a week without you, thought i'd forget. two weeks without you and i still haven't gotten over you yet.

I really need to stop telling people how to live their lives like I'm some sort of financial guru. It's just that when I see these gross injustices (that's a line from 17 Again) and I can't stop myself from speaking out. Here are some examples from the past two days:

Annoyance #1: You're on welfare, you spend 300 dollars on clothes for your daughter.

Annoyance # 2: You can spend your paycheck on yourself, not your child.

Annoyance # 3: You can't pay your electric bill, but you can spend 230 dollars on a bracelet.

Annoyance # 4: Co-Worker: "he bought me this and that for Christmas"
Me: "Shouldn't he be paying you that 12,000 dollars of child support?"

Of course I said something. Of course I did.

In other news, I have finally acquired a Snuggie. It's not even mine but I don't know how I spent the last 22 1/2 years of my life without a Sunggie. They really are the best inventions ever. EVER. I also enjoy myself some Pretzel M&M's. Here is a picture of my bliss:
Pardon the grossness. I can't help the way I look.

And always one to make a Mean Girls reference (and I say this all the time it's just ringing true right now), in the North Shore High School Cafeteria of life, I would be sitting at the table of "Girls who eat their feelings"... well, either that or "The Greatest People You will Ever Meet"

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