Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i want my birthday party in a library.

That last post was my 900th post. I wish I celebrated more. It wasn't that exciting of a post. Anyway, I ate sushi for the first time today. All I kept saying was that it tasted like ocean. And that's really all it tastes like. Like you swallowed half a pint of salt water. But I kept goin' back for more. That is my motto right...only when it comes to food though. Like right now, I'm not hungry in the least, but the Sloppy Joe's in the fridge are calling my name. Literally...I can hear them.

Anyway, Alex and I like to come up with slogans for every year and we had some trouble coming up with one for 2011. 2009 was "Fat and Ugly in 09", we're so harsh on ourselves, I know. 2010 was "No Men in Oh Ten". That didn't really work out. I don't want to say what the slogan for 2011 is because it's not going to come true. It rhymes with eleven though. I'm assuming you couldn't have caught on to that anyway because "ugly" in no way rhymes with "nine"


  1. can you make your font bigger?

  2. what else rhymes with 11? seven....heaven...leaven....devon...kevin....