Sunday, January 16, 2011

if today you hear God's voice, harden not your hearts.

I had this whole thought process planned out but I can't remember it. It all ties together perfectly but now it's all jumbled up. It went something like this: I was in church today and the chorus sang this song called "If Today You Hear God's Voice, Harden Not Your Heart", obviously. You should look it up, it's catchy. I enjoy any song with clapping, snapping or a steady beat. I couldn't find it online in the same tune that Sherri sings it, but it's a good song. Well, I kept this song in my head all day and it made me think about how last night I was imagining a crust forming over my "heart" because I was being so nice I was being a bitch. Oxymoron, maybe? Oh and I didn't care at all. Sometimes you just want to tell people:And then it made me think about my other favorite song at the moment "Silver Springs" when she says "Did you say that she's pretty? Did you say that she loves you. Baby I don't want to know". I wish the song just skipped over the whole "Did you say that she loves you?" part. No one cares about that. Hey, I'm melodramatic. Forgive me.

In better, more exciting news, I'm watching my all time favorite episode of Mad Men, "The Hobo Code". Peggy and Pete. OMG Pete and Peggy. I wish they would just secretly get together every episode. I can't take them not being together for two seasons. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I also need to paint my nails.

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