Tuesday, January 25, 2011

if you chase me away, i'll be back the next day

The Woman Cave is starting to take shape. When I say "Woman Cave" I am not referring to body parts, although it makes me laugh every single time we bring it up. I am referring to the third floor of my Grandma's house. Alex and I finally got so frustrated with the fact that none of the doors on the second floor close, that we wanted to have a room with a door that closed. It's not too much to ask, uncle of ours, to fix the doors. Or to at least not yell at us when we have to slam them 30 times in order to get them to stay shut.
Anyway, we have the whole thing planned out (sort of...as much as two of the laziest people can plan such a big undertaking) and we spent the whole weekend moving fake flowers and spare beds down to the basement and chipping paint off the walls. Sorry these pictures are completely out of order. Those of you who use blogger know it is not conducive to posting a large amount of pictures.

Me, with my bald spots because my hair is constantly thinning. Do you notice HOW MANY CRACKS are in the wall? There are a lot. This was way more work than we were expecting.
I'm basically going to switch professions from retail employee to contractor. Yes, I'm that good.
No, I'm not. If you know me at all, you'd know that I am really bad at fixing cracks.
I don't know what part of the renovation process this is... somewhere in the middle.
Alex, workin' hard.

Most of the room is cleared out at this point...Alex is really excited about this.

This was all of the crap from ONE room on the 3rd floor...

Also, this is THE funniest blog ever written. I think I found my soul mate. I don't care that he's 29, most likely the biggest loser in the world and an asshole.

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  1. wow crazy. i can't wait to see the end product....