Tuesday, January 11, 2011

“maybe you need me to lay on your couch to clear that up for you again”

Yes, I spent all day watching Mad Men.
I'm just falling more in love with:
This little lady is becoming more of my hero:
This was my second favorite scene. Mostly because of the way Pete was looking at her. She danced up to him like this and he said "I don't like you like this". I'm a complete advocate for this to happen in more episodes. This is the scene I just described to you. I want them to be together (yet not together) almost as much as I can't wait for Ron and Hermione to be together. Oh, sorry if I spoiled that for you. And yet again, I have my Halloween costume picked out for next year. I'm going as Joan Holloway. For sure. Except I don't have red hair.

I did dye my hair again. Jamie did it to break up the monotony of eating all day. I'm hardly working so my life is entirely consumed by Mad Men and being creepily obsessed with you know who, texting Kelsey little gems like "god, why does he love you so much more than me?". Yeah, I'm that girl. But I don't think she minds. I'm still diggin' this Snuggie and I haven't taken it off since Monday morning. It's starting to scare my Grandma, I'm sure.

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