Saturday, February 5, 2011

cause you're the key, the lock's turning. the breaking of these chains.

Did you know that Pittsburgh's goin' to the Super Bowl?

Well, they are. Every store in the mall has some kind of Black and Gold display. You have to say "Gold" despite the fact that it's yellow. Tomorrow is going to be spent eating different kinds of dips that my uncle makes. Since I was so rudely not invited to any Super Bowl parties other than the one that my family is having, I will be eating more than I would if I were to attend a party at a non-familial location.

Today, I basically ate a bag of guacamole chips and a piece of leftover pizza. AND so much Diet Pepsi I think that my blood has honestly turned brown. Some people bleed black and gold, I bleed Diet Pepsi.

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  1. yesssssssssss diet pepsi is way cooler. i want to be embalmed with a diet cola drink