Friday, February 4, 2011

i don't want to know that you don't want me. I don't want to know what you do without me.

Today I was in the best of moods, I was in the worst of moods. I was smiling then two minutes later I wanted to cry. Friday, January 4, 2010 was a roller coaster of emotions, I'll tell you about it...I had to work at 6 am so I get up at 4:45. Oh, right, I got up at 5:05. My plan last night was to rinse off in the shower but that didn't happen mostly because I was freezing but also because I wanted to sleep in the extra few minutes. My mom texted me a few times to get me up. Nothing like yesterday when I got about 8 "are you up yet" 's because I had to be at work at 5 am. Well I put some clothes on, then make up, a headband and I go down stairs and put some Rice Chex in a bag for my snack. I leave and drive to McDonald's for my morning coffee that does nothing. Maybe because it's half decaf/half regular, I don't know but the woman never said drive up to window two, she just told me my price which seemed slightly higher than yesterday but whatever. So I'm sitting at window 1 and no one is there and then 10 seconds later I see arms flailing out of window 2 so I drive up there and get my coffee and pay the nice woman. I am, of course, 15 minutes earlier than I'm supposed to be (I really need to work on being later) and I sit and sit and sit an none of my coworkers pull up. Finally at 6, my manager decides to show his late face. So we go in and I get pissed because I hate being late. If we start at 6, don't pull into the parking lot at 6. I hate not clocking in at the EXACT right time. Well anyway, I put some signs up and then I we were all done around 8:40 and then I started to complain to my other manager about how I'm going to be told to go home AGAIN after I got called off on Wednesday and then I went home after hardly 3 hours yesterday, so she told me that I could stay until 1:45. So I went on my 15 minute break and then about 10 minutes later my manager and this other girl go on their 15's...and I stay with them until they are done their 15's. Then I didn't have anything to do until the store opened, and I had no intention of sizing shirts like my manager, so I just stood next to her playing the drums on the folding cart that she was using. I did this until about 10 when we finally opened and then I went into the fitting room and re-ticketed things until about 5 minutes later when I got really bored and started walking around the store annoying everyone. Then I went on my half hour break and got a Diet Pepsi then read some Gone With the Wind. Then back to the fitting room and doing stuff that was extremely boring.

All I wanted all day was to talk to someone. I got really lonely when I was left alone, so I just followed everyone around the rest of my shift so I wouldn't be alone. Then my one manager made me feel like I really screwed up the signs and then it took everything in me to not start crying. I didn't, of course, but I really felt like I could have. This was me in the fitting room:

No, I'm kidding. But you would be surprised the amount of people cry in the fitting room. Like it happens at least once a month in my presence. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it right?

And then I went to GoodWill and bought a blouse. I like it. It's very 80's. Has some nice shoulder pads that I ripped out and left on the floor.


  1. hahahahahh omg what a day!! i love the new york clip by the way. also when you say someone cries in the fitting room once a month do you mean employees or customers trying on clothes that don't fit?

  2. i mean one of my fellow employees. we have some dramatic ones.

  3. you mean February 4,2011?? or did you really mean Jan 4,2010??

  4. i mean feb 4, good catch...