Friday, February 11, 2011

i mean technically our marriage is saved.

I don't know why I didn't write about this sooner, but I FINISHED GONE WITH THE WIND. My mind is blown, my eyes are still stinging (not from crying, unfortunately,but from reading 1,500 pages at a basically non-stop pace). God how I wish that more people watched this so when I say things like
to all of the boys that want me but can't have me, they'll know what I'm talking about. You know, the dozens I have chasing after me. Quick fact to those of you who care: in the book when Rhett says this he just says "my dear, I don't give a damn" and he says it while he's calmly sitting down. Not while he is storming out the door. God, Rhett, why don't you exist in real life. Scarlett is such an idiot and she doesn't deserve you even if you were a Scallywag at one point. I'll write about how much I adored this book whenever I get my mind enough together to write something that makes sense and can partly do this book justice. Another fun fact: Vivien Leigh (who plays Scarlett) thought that Clark Gable's (Rhett Butler) breath smelled too bad she couldn't get near him (because he had crappy false teeth and he was apparently too cheap to buy good ones). That is my favorite tidbit that I tell everyone. Oh fiddle-dee-dee. That's what Scarlett always says.

Sometimes I think I'm going insane and I probably need to stop reading because I don't even live vicariously through characters, I just become obsessed. I'm not sure what the next obsession will be, but you'll find out soon enough...

So today, I went to get my daily large Diet Pepsi from Mr. Smoothie in the food court and it is, just like it is every day, $1.06 after taxes. (99 cents before). So, exactly like every single time, I had the cashier one dollar bill, a nickel and a penny (this is 6 cents, right). And he hands me back a nickle. I take it and put it in my pocket. I stand at the counter contemplating for a good 7 or 8 seconds whether or not I should inform him of his miscalculation. I don't, of course, and then it weighs on my conscience the whole way back to the Nave. When I get to work I tell one of my coworkers and his response was "it's just a nickel". But I hate when I'm a penny off when I'm on the register so I feel bad still.
Then I was like...why would I give you 11 cents? Why? And then I stopped feeling sorry that his register was going to be short because he can't tell a nickel from a dime.


  1. ahahahah you better tell that in confessioN!

  2. people give 11 cents if they only have a dime and a penny. Would you rather them give you 2$ and have to count out 94 cents? No you'd rather take the 11 and give them a nickel. And I'd sure rather carry around a dollar bill than a bunch of change

  3. I love that song btw