Wednesday, February 16, 2011

should you ever come back i'd relax and be relieved of all my panic attacks.

I think I'm going to stay away from Facebook until this whole 30 day challenge thing is over.

I signed up for a gym tonight. I know, right. Let's see how many times I go...
It was really awkward cause this gorgeous male, Craig, was signing up my friend and me when these guys walked by and my friend whispers to me "omg he's hot" and then then Craig starts laughing. Then Megan goes "did you hear what I said?" and he goes "who were you talking about, I know all of these guys". She was talking about the black trainer. He probably thought that she was talking about him. It wouldn't have been a lie though. It was just really awkward. The whole thing. You had to have been there.

I wish I was as cool as Sue Heck.

p.s my internet is being retarded as hell.


  1. ahhaahhahaha what an awkward situation. i love it. and i love sue

  2. she actually looks like alex