Sunday, March 6, 2011

always golden, still the greatest.

You know what takes skillz?

I really can't stress enough the fact that I have nothing to blog about. Fingers crossed I'll be subbing in the near future. I know I've said this about 30 times this year, but I'm serious this time. *serious*

I just downloaded Two Door Cinema Club's album because they sound like Tokyo Police Club. I also downloaded a Forgive Durden CD circa 2004. So maybe I'll be able to listen to something else at the gym instead of TPC. Maybe but probably not.

So, someone get me a life and a job.
Please and thank you.

And on a depressing note: it snowed yesterday :[ Granted this winter is nothing like last year (which I am super grateful for), but it's still snowing. I used to love snow. Snow is fun when you ride the bus and have school to get canceled. Snow is fun when you can go sled riding and play in it. It's not fun, however, when you are me and you hate driving in it and it's all muddy and gross.

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  1. i might be one of the only people who gets why you wrote *serious* like that the second time. ahahahah good luck subbing. git on dat gurrl