Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i believe this coustme party is over.

Two different subjects are on my mind right now on this rainy Ash Wednesday. The first being Ash Wednesday itself and the second being punctuality.

Okay, Ash Wednesday. Let's go.
Did anyone get ashes today? Or better yet, did you listen to the Gospel? Me, being a huge hypocrite, is asking you this question because for once I did pay attention to the ENTIRE mass. I love going to mass alone and sitting in the back. I can pay attention because usually only old people sit back there and so I don't have adorable babies or Alex to disturb me. Anyway, today the Gospel was saying something along the lines of "don't display your actions during lent to everyone as to look like some sort of martyr". So while I told you how I was giving up snacking/dessert, I will not tell you the actual thing that I am giving up to not only better myself as a Catholic, but as a human being. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it and you'll see the change. But this thing that I'm giving up is my identity, so it's going to be hard. Excuse the martyr while she dips into a different subject:

I don't want to say that I hate specific people when they are late, it is just one of my pet peeves, up there with whistling and giving the peace sign (unless, of course, you are Richard Nixon), I find it extremely rude and annoying. I'm not sure how to say this without sounding like I'm complaing, so forgive me if that's how it sounds. When you are late you are inconviencing everyone that is counting on you. You cannot be late to work. You cannot be late to an interview. You cannot be late to pick someone up. You cannot be late when someone is picking you up. If you want to be two or three mintues late when you're meeting someone for lunch, then okay, I absolve you of this horrible deed.
I have no idea where my obsession with being early stems from (and yes, it is an obsession). It probably has something to do with the fact that my Mom is always late. Her whole family is late for everything. I think that a lot of it is my fear of being noticed or something along the lines of being extremly anxious. I need longer than most people to calm down when I get somewhere. When I'm late I am so extremely frazzled I can't focus. I won't go into the whole ordeal.

Story time: Most people know this, but when I lived on campus (when I was always prompt) I liked to leave a good 45 mintues before my class started. In all honesty, I could have left my room probably 6 or 7 minutes before class started and still get there on time. But no, I had to be early. So, on more than one occasion I was that strange person who walked in on a class that was still in session. One time, I walked in to a class that was watching a slide show. In my absent mind I figured that they were waiting for the class to start and the professor was just getting prepared for her lecture because she wasn't saying anything. So it was dark, I sit down. Two mintues later I realize that I walked in on a class. So I left my bookbag there and went in the bathroom. I bet they made fun of me. That was the first time. And I didn't learn my lesson until after the 4th time doing this...Now I always wait for someone else to go in even if the classroom is 100% empty.

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