Friday, March 4, 2011

i need a job

I need a boyfriend

This girl is me except she has a job and she is probably gay. It made me laugh though.
There are several things that I need, number one being a job. I'm applying all of these places, anything so that I don't have to teach. It's not looking so good though :[

At least I'm still going to the gym (almost) every day. Granted it's only been 3 weeks, but still. And I wish gas wasn't 3.49. It's probably higher than that now. That's just what it was yesterday.

So, I saw Gnomeo and Juliet yesterday. Unfortunately no one dies. Tibult cracks into about 50 pieces and then I guess he gets glued back together. And my favorite quote from the movie was "You know he's going to ditch you when he finds out how much you weigh". Should be my words to live by. Even though I have no one to ditch me anyway. Elton John was in it, well he was sort of copied, gnome wise. It was funny. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, not even a 5 year old cause there are so many other movies out there that would be ten million times better, but it wasn't bad for what it was

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  1. i wanted to see that!!!! and that quote is funny lol