Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yet again, my webcam isn't helpful. But this is me with my most favorite new smell "Country Chic" from Bath and Body Works. I got this sample on Saturday for $1 and it's almost gone already. And I've been in the Country mood lately anyway, listening to nothing but Johnny Cash and Miranda Lambert, wishing that I was in Kiawah right now with their preppy polo's and straw hats (even though that's not always the case). I've got the country station going on Pandora right now, please, someone help me!

Last night I got so many good deals. Alex and I have been trying to find some body wash that's for acne and so we went to like every store but they're all so expensive. We found this Oxy brand body wash and it was on sale for $3.99 but it rang up for $5.99 (it's original price).This wasn't happening so we told the girl who was standing at the Self-Checkout and she used her high tech walkie talkie to ask someone to check the price. No lie, 10 minutes later, this girl found the Oxy body wash and it was in fact $3.99. So the Check Out Girl told Alex to run back and get another one because apparently if the price rings up incorrectly, you get it for free. Then she was doing a price override and she put $3.00 and was like "Oh was that $3.99? Whatever) so we got two bottles of this body wash for $3.00. You can go ahead and be jealous.


  1. Anonymous11:05 PM

    im jealous way to go....i wish i got cheap stuff