Thursday, April 28, 2011

bought a ticket to the west coast.

Man, I hate when I get a message on Facebook and get really excited like "oohhh who's it from?" and then it's from Alex.
Sending me this

These are the things we talk about when we're trying to sleep at night. AKA how someone should invent a pillow that conforms to you that is in the shape of a body. Obviously, my idea is better than this stupid one, but whatever, my ideas always own. Can we say the Halfie? Also know as the half blanket-half comforter. See. Best. Idea. Ever.
'Nuff said.

I went to see Water for Elephants tonight and I wasn't disappointed. I was sort of, but I'm extremely hard to please. Honestly, if I never saw any of the Twilight movies, I wouldn't mind Robert Pattinson. If I only ever saw him as Jacob in WFE, I would be Googling him and saying "whooie he's a hunk". But, alas, I witnessed Robbie as Edward Cullen so my image of him will forever be ruined. I think that Reese Witherspoon was too airy, that is not how I pictured Marlena. More heroine, less damsel in distress (D.I.D according to Hercules). The best part of the movie (or at least the best actor) was August. He was just great. There was way too much emphasis on the treatment of animals. I thought that Jacob looked like a sap, but that's just my opinion. I think that, overall, the movie was pretty good. It wasn't as colorful as I imagined when I read the book though, which was the biggest disappointment.

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