Monday, April 4, 2011

the prettiest people do the ugliest things

I feel so awesome and grad school-y right now. I'm sitting in Panera, on my laptop along with all of these other professional/student-y patrons. Except I'm sitting on a comfy chair alone and everyone else is with friends/co-workers. But you know. It took me a few minutes to actually figure out this whole WiFi thing because I've never done it before. I'm completely Internet-on-the-go illiterate anyway.
There will probably be about 60 blogs in the next 4 hours. I'm in Oakland doing this training for a counseling volunteering job. I'm actually excited about it. The last thing I was excited about was becoming a Cash Handler at work, you should see my excitement at the responsibility. You'd probably be embarrassed for me.
Whoo I just got a subbing job for Friday. Hopefully I don't work at the Nave but at least it's something to work with.
I really love Oakland though. I think I might go take some pictures but it's on the cusp of raining. So it's basically sit in a chair that was built for anorexic ladies or chance walking around in the rain...humm what to do?

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  1. I love studying/working in Panera!