Sunday, April 10, 2011

why why why

Questions I ask myself:

Why do I have a gross sty?
Why am I so strangely attracted to Corey from Teen Mom 2?
Why is my mouth so dry?
Why did I get the $4 all you can eat pancakes from Denny's last night instead of going to this kid from work's party?
Why did I get the $7.44 all you can eat (but you probably don't want to) New China Garden Buffet tonight?
Why have I not charged my Ipod so I was forced to run with no music next to some fat black lady who was jammin' out to Gospel music?
Why is Craig so adorable? Why was he awkwardly vacuuming around me while I was on the elliptical?
Why on God's green earth am I SO THIRSTY?
Why am I still awake?


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    you already know a guy named craig from your gym?

  2. see i don't know him, just stalking.

  3. hahahahahah the question is