Friday, May 13, 2011

Babies and Prom.

She's just too cute for words. I miss this!

Still being completely adorable. Marissa is leaving :[ and taking Alaina with her, also sad face. I went with Steph to visit them in Scio, which is always an exciting experience because in the span of an hour and a half I go through 3 states. I enjoy that. But we got a mini tour of Scio, Ohio. Steph yelled at me because I was driving too slow, but what else is new?I don't really like to take traditional prom pictures. I like to get it from all angles.

And as you can see, I look nothing like my dad's side of the family, but the non-photogenic gene was certainly not skipped when it comes to me.

Newlyweds or prom couple? You decide.
(we've all been confused why Alex got a white dress and a bouquet.)
My aunt was so proud of this zoom. She said she's never done a better zoom in her life, and I mean, I always look bad but this is totally going to be my default pic. Come on now. We're fly.

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  1. ohhh i like her hair! and i have to say that is definitely a wedding shot hahahah