Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ball of light.

I can't stop watching HP 7.1.
Why is this movie so amazing. I honestly can't get over the whole Ron/Hermione thing and when 7.2 comes out I'm probably going to have a conniption when they finally kiss. Oh and when the worst thing that could ever happen in a book happens. It involves my favorite character and I don't want to give any spoilers away. And Ron is my second favorite character.
I just really can't believe it's over. How is this possible? I still don't even have a plan to see the last movie and as all of the shows are being sold out I'm left to hope and wait until someone makes a decision. I really need to reread the 7th book but it's too hard and I hate rereading books. I like rewatching movies but rereading books is the worst.

It's really nice today and I should probably go to the pool but I've been sweating up in the Woman Cave since 1030 this morning watching Harry Potter. It's now 2:30 and I have to think about taking my daily walk since I ate a McFlurry and a whole box of Mike and Ikes for dessert last night. I also have to think about going to work and going to visit my GoGo in the hospital before I get to work.

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