Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Because I know you care about my dreams...

But you MIGHT care about this one...

There was a lot that I don't remember, but it was a mixture of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games! There was a reaping, of course, where Harry Potter and Ron Weasley both got picked (which I realize wouldn't happen in real life unless we count Harry as a female). I think that I made some sort of distraction and the three of us ran out and got in a red and off white Cadillac and drove away and sadly, somehow those two became two of my other friends and we ended up being chased by God knows who and then we were in some sort of grotto looking thing but it was a house and there was this little girl and we were swimming and there was so much more but I can't remember but the only important part was the first part.

God, I love dreaming about Harry Potter. Well, Ron to be exact. I don't really care about Harry. Speaking of...it's less than a month away. Who is FREAKING OUT???


  1. bahahaha...unless you count harry as a girl...harry potter joking at its finest.

    also, i'm SO FREAKING OUT!

  2. i'm so.....not lol

  3. definitely not. my friends tried to make me watch hp 7 part 1 today, but there was a bad storm and the power went off halfway into the movie.

    I was not upset in the least.