Friday, June 10, 2011

been down one time. been down two times. never goin' back again

I've been really distracted lately. For no particular reason, either. Yesterday I was late leaving for work (keep in mind "being late for work" for mean means showing up at 7:55 when I start at 8:00) and I was rushing around and I threw on some of those Old Navy flip flops. When I pull up to the gate I get "Kristen, you're not allowed to wear rubber flip flops for shipment (or anytime really)". I know this.

I keep having dreams that I can't remember either. God how I wish the had autocorrect. It's such a good thing I don't have a life because I work Friday and Saturday night. I like how everyone knows this too.

I stayed up til about 3 last night watching the "Rumours" episode of Glee because I love Fleetwood Mac and I love Sam Evans when he's poor and his adorable trouty mouth is all adorable. I should probably shower since I work at 3 today :[

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  1. Oh man, I love that episode. Been jamming to it all day actually. I went and saw them live in Philly on Wednesday! Surprisingly, they're all just as good live as they are on the show. And your boy Sam played his guitar :)