Thursday, June 23, 2011

i'm like forget chu

Today I went to lunch with my Aunt Natalie, Alex and Peter in Oakland. I didn't realize that I was wearing a see-through shirt until Alex pointed it out, so that was awkward. Then I had to go do my volunteering at an extremely Christian joint, so bring on the awkwardness. Thank the Lord I was wearing a vest and I just folded my arms across my chest the whole time, very closed off and all. Anyway, I had to wait for my uncles to pick me up cause at this point my car was completely out of commission. I thought I'd go into this little cafe and get a drink. And so I did. But it was only $1.06 and of course I never have cash, so I handed the cashier my debit card and she's all "we can only use cards if it's over $5.00" so I told her that I would just buy something else so it was $5.00. Then the woman pulls a wad of money out of her pocket and pay for it. I'm like "???" and then she goes "you can just pay me back later". I wanted to inform her that it is 2011, not 1965 and I don't understand why you are so trusting of a stranger. Why would I come back to pay you one dollar and six cents? Alas, I drank my sweet tea and then stood on the sidewalk because I felt so awkward sitting at one of the tables and rifled through my purse and eventually found that dollar and six cents. The whole time I was out there I felt so bad I was like "how am I going to remember to bring a dollar next time I come? What if the lady isn't here? Am I going to remember her?" Then when I walked in and handed her basically a $1.06 in nickles, dimes and pennies she goes "You really could have paid me back later". My only explanation is that this woman was a lesbian and she totally was staring at my chest.

In other, fun news, my car is now fixed. Yesterday I was on my way to work and it wouldn't start. Thankfully it was just the battery and I have an uncle who knows a lot about cars so I didn't have to have it towed and all of that jazz.

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