Saturday, June 11, 2011

you tell me that i'm crazy. it's nothing that i didn't know.

Laura! I don't think you understand how jealous I am of you! I would give my left pinky finger to see Sam at this moment in time!

I went to Mad Mex after work tonight and while it was fun it was sort of awkward. To start, our waiter wouldn't serve us our margaritas because we had people at the table who weren't 21. Secondly, when I went to the bar with Ellen to get our margaritas, they were the worlds most disgusting ones ever! Basically just tequila and a little flavor. Then I guess we were taking too long because our waiter came over and sat next to us and goes "do you want me to bring you your burrito over to the bar?" I said no and just chugged the rest of my glass of tequila. Then our waiter came over a minimum of 6 times to ask how everything was and we said "it's good" or "fine" every time. But after we answered, he sort of stood there for a second and was like "okay" and never brought us our check. We were there for about two hours before we finally got it, by the way. And then to make it worse I was a little tequila logged or something and the waiter apparently asked me if I wanted a box but I thought that he said "thoughts" like what were my thoughts on my burrito so I said "it was really good!" and then he was like "umm I asked if you wanted a box". So, yeah.

And I have no idea why I'm still up. I went to Panera today and then to five below to try to find a fanny pack, but that doesn't seem to be something that you can find at a store.

But whatever.
you've got me rockin' and a-reeling, anyway

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