Monday, July 18, 2011

you never know what can happen.

So I was at the pool the other day with Ashleigh when I decided it was time to go (this was about 1:10ish). So Ashleigh looks at her phone and she has a text from Alex telling her that she needs to move her car "now". So we get in the car and drive home but we're driving down the main road to get to my Grandmas house and there is a firetruck and an ambulance blocking the entrance to our street as well as blocking access to the driveway that is about 15 feet down the street. So I turn down a side street and make a huge circle around my house to come up the back way to the street/driveway and pull in the driveway and park in my normal spot. Then I'm walking up the side yard hill and I see a whole bunch of neighbors standing in the middle of the street but I can't tell if they're looking at my house or my neighbors house. I kind of started to freak out at this point because I knew they were standing in my yard at this point, looking at my house. Obviously I thought about my Grandma and something happened to her.
But no. Pretty much the last thing that I was expecting to be on the porch was there.
A car.
Yes, there was a car smashed into my porch.
While Alex was sitting on it.

Here's what happened:
My neighbor's mother was watching her cats while she was gone for a few days and I guess it was time for her to leave so she gets in her car and Alex said that she heard a lot of gravel being upturned in the driveway and she thought that someone was angry. But this lady (according to our other neighbor who was watching) either consciously tried to turn her car around, or it was just what happened, got her car facing the road and then took off full speed towards my house. The old lady somehow drove over the median of bushes and flowers that separate her daughters house and her daughters neighbor, this is also in between a telephone pole and a huge tree, across the street, over this bush in my Grams front yard which is about 10 feet high and into my porch. Completely missing the propane tank and our kitchen. Or going over the hill beside my house. All thankfully.
Except poor Alex was sitting on the porch while all of this was happening. She screamed and the neighbor down the street came running up after he heard that and the crash and I guess tried to do some sort of CPR on the old lady. Alex went to get my Gram who was in the basement and had no idea this was happening. After talking to the neighbors, none of their sons wanted to call 911 so I guess one of them did and five minutes later the paramedics were there and they ripped the old lady out of her car and started doing chest compressions. While all of this was going on, her horn was still going off.
The lady was gone by the time we got to the house, but we passed the ambulance on our way to the driveway. Then the news came and the cops and a tow truck and they pulled her car out and my uncle, Alex and cousin Adam were harassing the cameramen and Alex made one of them drop his camera. We were on the news though, if you wanted to know. Well the house, none of us were.
I feel bad thinking this whole thing is funny, especially when the lady died, but it is comical if you think about it. She had a heart attack but I don't know if anyone knows if the crash killed her or the heart attack.

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